Air Mouse® Presenter

With its 'in air' mouse pointing and bright green laser pointer,
Air Mouse Presenter is the ultimate PowerPoint & Keynote remote control.

Slide Control

A high-precision laptop pointing device,
Voice is also an 'in air' handheld mouse.

Green Laser Pointer

Draw all eyes with Presenter's,
bright green laser pointer.

'In Air' Mouse

With motion-sensing cursor control
Presenter puts you in total control.


Includes MotionTools 3

Provides a library of on-screen effects
and mouse customization options.

70' Wireless Range

Bluetooth 4 LE provides a
wireless range of up to 75'.


Windows (7-current)
macOS (10.6-currnet).

Air Mouse Presenter

SMK-Link Electronics manufactures and markets Gyration Air Mouse products, worldwide. With models including the GO Plus, Elite, Mobile, Voice and Presenter, the Air Mouse delivers precise cursor control (both on your desktop and in your hand) from anywhere in the room.

Interactive Presentations


Too often, presentations are one-way communications: with the speaker at the front of the room delivering slides, and the audience sitting back quietly, attentively listening. An interactive presentation, however, involves engaging your audience, pulling them into the discussion. But first, you must be free to move about the room. Air Mouse Presenter has your back, delivering computer control from up to 70 feet away.

Use Presenter's large slide controls to change slides effortlessly, its bright green laser pointer to draw all eyes to the points that matter, and its 'in air' mouse to control your computer from anywhere in the room.

Air Mouse Products . . .

Gyration Air Mouse Products - from SMK-Link
 Wireless Range
Wireless Range100'100'100'70'70'
 Laser Pointer
Laser Pointer----Bright Green
 Mouse Pointing
Mouse Pointing-
BatteriesRechargeableRechargeable2 (AAA)2 (AAA)2 (AAA)
ConnectionUSBUSBUSBBluetooth 4.0USB
 Keyboard bundles
Keyboard BundlesCompact | Full SizeLow ProfileCompact--
 PowerPoint & Keynote
PowerPoint & Keynote
 MotionTools 3 Software
MotionTools 3 Software-
 Windows & macOS
Windows & macOS