USB-C Multi-Port Hub (VP6920)

Today's new more powerful laptops come standard with only a USB-C port to connect.
The USB-C Multi-Port Hub connects you instantly to external drives, printers, monitors, networks and more.

Three USB 3.0 Ports

Connect instantly to external peripherals,
mobile devices, networks and more.

4K HDMI Port

Watch laptop content on external
4K monitors, projectors, TVs and more.

Ethernet Port

Connect easily to local area networks
via a 1 Gigabit Ethernet Port.


SD Card Reader

Upload photos and more via
the VP6920's SD Memory Card reader.

Micro SD Card Reader

Reads Micro SD memory cards
ranging from cameras to drones.


Windows (7-current)
macOS (10.6-currnet).

USB-C Multi-Port Hub

The USB-C Multi-Port Hub provides the power of a desktop docking station in a portable size. Use the USB-C Multi-Port Hub with your laptop's USB-C port to access a universe of connectivity options.

Get Connected


Today's laptops are sleeker and more powerful than ever. What they lack is connectivity, coming standard with either the new USB-C port, or Apple's Thunderbolt 3 port (Thunderbolt 3 contains a superset of USB-C functionality, offering data speeds up to 40 Gbps).

The VP6920 Multi-Port, which requires either USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 port capability, will be a welcome addition to your laptop bag. It's small, rugged, and ready to connect to external drives, printers, scanners, cameras, UHD monitors, 4K TVs, networks and more.

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 USB 3.x Ports
USB 3.x Ports334
 4K HDMI Port
4K HDMI Port-
 Ethernet Port
Ethernet Port--
 SD Card Reader
SD Card Reader--
 SD Card Reader
SD Card Reader--
 Micro SD Card Reader
Micro SD Card Reader--
 In-line Charging
In-line Charging--
 Windows & macOS
Windows & macOS