Ruby Pro Presenter (VP4592)

With its ergonomic soft-touch case, large slide controls, bright red laser pointer and 75-foot range,
the Ruby Pro Presenter is a preferred choice of business executives.

Soft-Touch Case

Ruby Pro's soft-touch case
almost disappears in your hand.

Large Slide Controls

Advancing and retreating slides
is intuitive and dependable.

Red Laser Pointer

Draws all eyes to the points
that really matter.


Dockable Receiver

Ruby Pro's USB RF receiver stores
in the base of the remote for travel.

75' Wireless Range

Features 2.4GHz wireless RF,
with a range of up to 75'.


Windows (7-current)
macOS (10.6-currnet).

Ruby Pro Presenter

The Ruby Pro Presenter puts computer control in the palm of your hand. Beneath its ergonomic soft-touch case, Ruby Pro provides large slide controls, a bright red laser pointer and an unrestricted 75-foot wireless range.

Interactive Presentations


Too often, presentations and lectures are considered one-way communications: the speaker is at the head of the room delivering his or her slides, and the audience sits and listens attentively.

An interactive presentation, on the other hand, involves engaging your audience, pulling them into to the discussion, and leaving them with the sense of participation. The first step, however, is being able to move about the room. RemotePoint's Ruby Pro Presenter will free you from the desk while keeping you in complete control of your slides.

RemotePoint Models . . .

Green Laser!
 Wireless Range
Wireless Range75'75'100'70'70'150'50'
 Laser Pointer
Laser PointerBright GreenRedRedRedRedBright GreenRed
 Mouse Pointing
Mouse Pointing______
Batteries2 (AAA)2 (AAA)2 (AAA)2 (AAA)2 (AAA)2 (AA)1 (CR2025)
 PowerPoint & Keynote
PowerPoint & Keynote
 Windows & macOS
Windows & macOS