TAA USB Keyboard

Designed for use in federal government and military applications, the VP3800 Keyboard
is a ready replacement for lost or damaged government keyboards.


104 positive-response keys
with F-keys, keypad and LED indicators.

TAA Compliant

The VP3810 meets all TAA requirements,
with certificates of origin on file.



The VP3810 is WHQL Certified for use
in government and military applications.


Windows (7-current)
macOS (10.6-currnet).

TAA USB Keyboard

The VP3810 USB Keyboard is a TAA-compatible replacement for lost or damaged keyboards purchased by federal government agencies, the military, their suppliers and vendors requiring products manufactured under the U.S. Trade Agreements Act.

TAA Designated Countries


Specify or purchase products for the federal government? Then you're familiar with the U.S. Trade Agreements Act, mandating that products purchased by the government must be manufactured (or substantially transformed into products) within the U.S. or its TAA-designated countries.

But China, the world's largest producer of computer products, is not on the list; and, while complete PC Systems 'transformed' in the U.S. are TAA compliant, their peripheral components (including input devices) typically are not. So where do you source replacement PC peripherals for upcoming contracts?

TAA Compliant Input Devices . . .

 Wireless Range
Wireless Range__30'______________
Power / Batteries__2 (AAA)______________
 Mouse Pointing
Mouse Pointing__________
 TAA Compliant
TAA Compliant
 Windows & macOS
Windows & macOS